Creating a more modern space

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Creating a more modern space

We've just started up a medical practise, and we need to redecorate our space to make it look modern and sleek. The building we are moving into was vacant for a while before we moved in, and it looks a bit dated and old. One of the first things we did was remove all of the old wallpaper and replace it with a nice clean layer of semi-sheen paint, and it's made such a huge difference already. This blog has the whole decorating project, as I thought it might be useful for other business administrators and business owners looking to redecorate.


Three Tips to Help You Line Your Parking Lot Correctly

Most accidents which happen in the car park are a result of poor lot marking and painting. When a lot is properly marked, everyone can see where they are supposed to park their car and how to move in and out. There are two main ways in which you can paint your car park. The first is using a four-inch paint roller over a chalk outline. The second is using a car park striper to paint car park lines directly onto the car park, which is simpler and more effective and durable. Read More 

Try these bathroom paint colour ideas to make the home more inviting

Tired of your old and damaged bathroom? A bathroom renovation is an excellent way of making your home significantly more comfortable. But in addition to a new toilet, shower screen and bathroom floor, you should also consider the paint that will be used. White and off-white selections are typically a safe choice, as they create a clean, neutral look in your bathroom. However, you can take things a notch higher by experimenting with less common colour choices. Read More 

The Importance of Periodically Repainting Your Commercial Property

As long as you run your business out of commercial premises, even if you have an online presence, it is crucial to make sure that your surroundings are pristine and appealing. A misconception that some business owners have is that once they have their commercial property painted, their only concern will be ensuring that the property is clean and tidy. However, with time, your paint job is bound to degrade, and this will have a considerable impact on the appeal of your offices. Read More 

4 Essential Tips for Painting Vinyl Siding

Did you know that vinyl siding could be painted? That's right, and giving your siding a coat of paint is an excellent way to make your home look fresh and new. You might opt for a shade you prefer, cover up damage, or restore sections that have faded in the sun. Before you get started, you need to know that painting vinyl siding comes with some unique challenges. You'll need to prepare the surface correctly, choose the right paint, and apply it evenly. Read More 

Choosing the Right Paint for the Job, Room by Room

If you're inexperienced with interior decoration, you might think paint is pretty much paint. Choose a brand, choose a colour and you're all set to start painting, right? Unfortunately, there's a lot more to it than that. When you visit a DIY shop to pick up your paint supplies, there's a good chance you'll be surprised and confused by all of the different types available. It can be bewildering and overwhelming when you have no idea which one you need. Read More